You may be under the impression that using an auto transport company is appropriate only for a cross-country move. Car shipping companies are often used for college students, military families, and for those going on vacation. But there are even more reasons -- ones you may never have thought of -- to use car transport services. The car shipping industry in the United States is currently worth around $12 billion, and it's evident that customers are thinking of more ways to utilize car moving services. Here are three surprising ways you can use an auto shipping company:

    Antique cars

  If you're an avid collector of antique cars or regularly participate in classic car shows, you know that treating your vehicle with the utmost care and respect is vital. In order to keep the mileage at a minimum and keep your car in pristine condition, many collectors opt to use car shipping companies to handle the transport of their treasured vehicles.

    Dealership move

  If you own a dealership, there's a possibility that you may move at some point in the future, when your current location no longer fits your needs. If you're expanding to a new location, chances are that you could use some assistance with vehicle transport. Since you can't put mileage on the automobiles in order to keep them in new condition during transport, who better to take care of your precious cargo than an auto shipping company?

    Amateur racers

  If you're part of the regional racing circuit, you may be reluctant to invest in an expensive trailer to transport your racing vehicle. Because these race cars are not legally permitted to be driven on public roads, your best option is a car shipping company. They'll get your ride to your race location safely and inexpensively, and you'll be free to focus on the fun of racing.

  Whether your needs border on the unconventional or you have a more traditional reason for exploring your options for car shipping companies, allow us to assist you with all of your auto transporting needs. Contact us today to find out vehicle shipping rates and to find the right choice of transport for your vehicle.

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