There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this question, because each pickup and delivery is different. However, we can tell you what goes into the equation to help you determine how long it might take based on your requirements:

  Number one: The biggest factor in car transport is (of course!) the distance between your pick up location and your destination. That will determine the base time for your transport.

  Number two: Any special requirements for your transport. Generally, this does NOT add more time, because Transport Transport Junction has such a variety of resources. But if you do have an oversized vehicle, an inoperable vehicle, or a vehicle with special modifications that requires special equipment, we want to find the best for you!

  Number three: Season/weather. The climate could impact the time it takes to deliver your vehicle.

We always strive to get your vehicle where it’s going ASAP. Average car transport times are three to five days, while coast to coast transit takes a week to ten days.

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