Being a consumer in this age of high tech bargain hunting can be a bit confusing. We are programmed to always look for the “best deal”, even those of us here at Auto Transport Junction.

  From sites that give out the latest coupon codes to advertisements guaranteeing the lowest price on a mattress or television, we are always seeing ways to supposedly get the “best deal”.

  What is the “best deal”, really? Correct me if I’m wrong but the “best deal” is the lowest price that gets me what I want, right?

  Think about that. How can you be sure you get the lowest price?

  When it comes to auto transport or car shipping, what you want is to get your vehicle shipped securely and from A to B on time. The lowest price is not so cut and dry. In fact, it’s kinda’ confusing.

  It doesn’t have to be confusing if you understand who sets the price. Who would that be? Do you know, are you sure? Ready? It’s the guy/gal driving the truck, period, end of story.

  Then…factor in the variables (things that change) like the price of fuel, weather, the route your vehicle needs to travel and demand.

  Do not forget this fact. The “best deal” is the price the driver will actually accept to move your vehicle under current market conditions.

If you put your blinders on and only look for the lowest price, you almost always will NOT get the “best deal”. You will get nothing but aggravation and excuses why your vehicle is still not transported.

  Auto Transport Junction constantly monitors current market conditions and communicates directly with thousands of drivers so that you can always get the “best deal”.

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