Check the facts before choosing an auto shipping company, if something seems too good to be true, chances are...it is!

    -Lowest rates around: Be sure to get several quotes from reputable auto shippers before choosing. Compare rates and services. More often than not if they are drastically different, you are giving something up.

    -Fastest Delivery Times: If an auto transport company guarantees delivery dates or times be sure to get it in writing. Verbal agreements mean nothing without a written contract. Most transporters will give pickup and delivery dates within a few days. Make sure to ask if you can cancel without a fee if your car is not picked up or delivered within the agreed window.

    -No Cancelation Fees: Before signing a contract, be sure to find out if your transporter charges cancellation fees, what they are, and how to avoid them in the event that you do need to cancel the contract.

    -Fully Insured: The US Department of Transportation requires that all auto transporters be fully licensed and insured. However, not all insurance is equal. Ask for a copy of your transporter’s insurance to be able to adequately compare services. It is also advisable to inquire about additional coverage, and to check the coverage on your personal insurance during transport as well.

    -New Business: Would you trust your car to a transporter without a reliable history? Be sure that an auto transporter has both the experience and knowledge to be trusted with your car. There are also companies that have changed their names to avoid their bad reputations.

The easiest way to make sure that your company is on the up and up is to check them out with the FMCSA. Simply as for their MC# and make a phone call.

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